Eligibility to apply

Any individual or organisation with a project which falls within the Foundation’s Objects (as stated below) is eligible to apply for a grant.

The Western Australian History Foundation’s Objects are to:

  • encourage interest in and knowledge of Western Australian history;
  • promote the teaching of Western Australian history at all levels of education;
  • promote research into Western Australian history, particularly from within the State’s tertiary education institutions;
  • assist with the production, publication and distribution of teaching materials based on research and linked to curricula for use at all levels of education;
  • raise, manage and distribute funds for the furtherance of these objectives.

Anyone with a project in Western Australian history is welcome to apply – historians or researchers, either individually or in groups, self-employed or salaried; government departments or agencies; community organisations; those living in WA or elsewhere.

Terms of Grant
An application must demonstrate that it:

  1. meets one or more of the Foundation’s Objects;
  2. will result in a public outcome which encourages, promotes or assists Western Australian history; and
  3. will produce historical material (or other public outcome) of good quality.
    Demand for these grants far exceeds the Foundation’s capacity to provide funding, making the grant rounds highly competitive. Applications must provide evidence that these terms will be met in order to be competitive.

Amount of Grant
Normally to a maximum of $10,000.

When to Apply
The Foundation will consider applications only at the time of a grants round

Application to fund all or part of a project
Either level of funding is acceptable. No priority will be given to one or the other but applications for part funding should include evidence that the remaining funding (or at least the bulk of it) is committed as this certainty (or its absence) will affect the Foundation’s judgement regarding a public outcome from the grant.

Necessity for a public outcome
Funding will not be provided where a desirable public outcome cannot be definitely demonstrated. Where funding is sought for research, writing or editing, the production of a final historical product must be shown to be a certainty within the time frame of the grant (with latitude, if necessary, to accommodate the timetables of commercial publishers).

Forms of historical outcome
Any form of good quality public product which increases knowledge and understanding of WA history is acceptable: single-authored books, essay collections, booklets or brochures, online and other electronic products, museum or other exhibitions, archival listings, source guides, oral or pictorial or documentary histories. Outcomes which are ephemeral, for instance talks or PowerPoint presentations, are unlikely to be funded.

Historical content
The project must have significant Western Australian historical content. It should have the potential to contribute to the community, giving a sense of connection to and understanding of the past. It would be useful for applications to explain the historical content and importance of the project topic for Western Australian history.

Quality of the public outcome
To demonstrate the likely ‘good quality’ of the outcome it is advisable for applicants to provide evidence of their relevant credentials and track record and/or to demonstrate that the project is a collaborative one with others who have relevant credentials and/or track record. If funds are requested to pay for professional assistance or other work, the application should specify the credentials and/or relevant track records of the person(s) to be engaged.

Public reach
Consideration will be given to the community reach of the proposed outcome and applicants should make clear the anticipated readership or use of the product. High funding priority will not be given to a product which the general public will not be able to access readily.

Project budget
A detailed budget must make clear the proposed allocation of the grant funds and should itemise quotes from suppliers showing cost per hour.
Any component which contributes to the public outcome will be considered.

  1. Research travel costs are eligible as long as the applicant demonstrates that this is essential to achieving a good quality public outcome; and after it has been established that alternative access, eg electronic, is not possible. Essential research accommodation costs will also be considered.
  2. Professional assistance necessary for the project’s success is funded. This could include payments for specialist services (eg media producers, photographers, archivists, consultant historians, educational producers, publishers).
  3. Living costs for the applicant(s), including forms of funding replacement for salaried professionals (eg teaching relief), are not funded.
  4. Management fees are not funded.
  5. Administrative assistance is not funded.
  6. GST is not covered

Number of applications
Applicants are restricted to one application in any round.

Successful applicants
Successful applicants are ineligible to apply again in the following grant round

Assessment Panel
Decisions of the assessment panel are final.
No member of the panel may apply for a grant for a personal project.
All conflicts of interest and perceived conflicts of interest of panel members are to be handled in accordance with Western Australian public guidelines.

Starting date
Successful applicants may commence immediately but must do so within three months of notification of the success of their applications. Grant funds will be available immediately agreements are signed.

Completion of project
The Foundation anticipates applications for projects of approximately one year’s duration from the start of the funding. Applicants should therefore show that their projects have a timeline which is realistically achievable.

Condition of Grant
Successful applicants must make appropriate acknowledgement of the assistance of the Western Australian History Foundation in the grant’s public outcome.

A grant must be acquitted in 12-18 months when evidence must be provided of the project having achieved the outcome specified in the application and receipts for budget payments must be included.

Unacquitted Grants
An applicant with an unacquitted grant is not eligible to apply for another grant until that grant is acquitted